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● ACX (Online since 2010!) is the First Money-Making Solution and  Most Innovative and Lucrative Online Advertising Program on the internet today designed specifically for the 98% of people who NEVER make money online. ACX is also an online advertising company that offers services and products to Business Advertisers.Minimum deposit is $10, you decide how much you"ll earn. All it takes is owning 10$ Ad Packs! 
How It Works:
●Anyone worldwide can join Ad Click Xpress as a free member
Members purchase $10 Ad Packs (Max. 100,000 Packs)
All Money is Pooled for Ad Click Xpress Traders to use, up to 7 Days per Week
►Each Ad Pack Pays 0.5% Daily (.25% Sat/Sun) indefinitely
●Request Withdrawal of Earnings (paid within 24 to 48 hours) or Compound Earnings by purchasing More Ad Packs. Withdrawal Requests (min $5) Paid Quickly (BTC, Payeer, Perfect Money)
There is No Requirement to Recruit to Earn an Unlimited Amount of Money
Want to Earn MORE and FASTER? Buy PREMIUM AD PACKS and Earn up to Up to 50% per Day (25% Weekends) with Premium Pack, but ONLY until 150% has been paid back Affected by Routine Earnings Adjustments. Do NOT miss out on this chance to make a LOT more money FASTER!
Get 5% Commissions for sharing with others
Adviev- JOIN HERE: https://adviev.com/ref/2647/eng
►Buying BAPs, every $ 1 spent instantly gives you 2440 BAP, which is $ 1.22 in paid ads. The more BAP you have, the more expensive announcements you will receive. If you are absent then BAP will not be deducted from your balance. BAPs will be deducted only after viewing ads.
►To investors. Buy our shares and get passive income.
Share NW = 0.8% per day. (Profit 120%).
Share PR = 0.9% per day. (Profit 125%).
►For advertisers, we offer excellent traffic prices and unique parameters such as: crypto-audience, investors.
►Project have two balances : Main balance and Reinvest balance. Profit from shares and viewing paid ads will be distributed as follows:
65% of the profit will be added to the Main balance.
35% of the profits will be added to the reinvest balance.
Referral program: You will receive 4% of purchases (Baps, shares) by your referrals, as well as 3% of the amount they earn on viewing ads.
-JOIN HERE: http://cryptosurf.net/s9.php?r=tijanas75
New! Earn Up to 150% Cashback on FX365 Adshares: Active + Passive earning since 2018! Perfect combination of Earning & Advertising!
You can buy 250 Credits Advertising Packs together with one or more FX365 Adshares that will pay you Cash Back Earnings for up to 150%. Once reached the 150% or after 365 Days the FX365 Adshare will EXPIRE.
FX365 Adshares will last until you will have earned back up to 150% of your FX365 Adshare spend or after 365 Days. You can chose to surf or a passive earning return.
Basically if you do surf you earn more and you will achieve the (up to) 150% faster, if you do not surf it will take more time to get to the (up to) 150% cashback. There is no requirement to surf Daily but is strongly suggested.
As a CryptoSurf FREE member , you have to surf 20 pages to get your EXTRA Surfing Daily Earning.
Minimum Cashout Depends on the number of Active FX365 Adshares that a member holds:
- 1 FX365 Adshare - Min. Cashout $5.00
- 2 FX365 Adshare - Min. Cashout $10.00
- 3 FX365 Adshare - Min. Cashout $15.00
- 4 FX365 Adshare and over - Min. Cashout $20.00
You can Buy Maximum 50 FX365 Adshare per day.
You will get 250 Surfing Credits with each $5.00 FX365 Adshare Purchase!
- Surf to earn Free CST Tokens
- Earn Passively with Adshares
- Boost Adshares Earning by Surfing
- Earn Advertising Credits by Surfing
- Earn up to 40% Commissions on Purchases
- Earn 10% Commissions on each Adshare Purchase
You can Join and stay as a Free member forever. there is absolutely no obligation to buy or upgrade! 
Surf and Collect Credits usable to promote your sites to others, in addition you earn our Tokens that can be exchanged into Ads or Adshares. You also earn Blocks to participate in our Block Lottery!
- If you Surf, each Day you can earn Credits, Blocks and Tokens. Additionally, if you hold one or more active Adshare you also earn more on each Adshare.
Advertise Globally, Start Earning Daily JAMS & Money! Earn Up to 117% Cashback on Stakes!
What do You get?
- Free Advertising on Signup
- Free JAMS coins on Mining
- Free Stakes Giveaway
- Earn Passively with Stakes
- Earn up to 40% Commissions on Purchases
- Earn up to10% Commissions on each Stake Purchase
- Earn up to 7% JAMS on referral Mining
Advertise Globally with Fast & Easy Access on a Simple & Lightweight Advertising Platform.
JAMS Ads includes 7 Days JAMS Ads views PLUS 7 Days
Banners(*2) Impressions. JAMS Ads will be shown on the Miner and they only cost $3.00.
The best part is that each JAMS Ad include a Stake that will grow Daily and will expire when it reaches ~117% (~$3.51) of its value being $3.00!
PIFexplosion(since 2015)-Join FREE! http://pifexplosion.com/index.php?referid=tijanas75
Special Advertising site with a great 3x15 Forced Matrix Commission Plan. Sign up for free!
By Joining Today You will get the following:
- Gold Membership Upgrade!
- 1 Contact Solo Ad -> Every month
- 10000 Banner Impressions -> Every month
- 500 GUARANTEED Visits -> Every month
- The possibility to enter our 3x15 Forced Matrix
Earn up to $1,089,463.50 with our Matrix! Amazing! Join today and You may start making money!
PTCShare-JOIN HEREhttps://www.ptcshare.com/ref/tijanas75  
PTCShare - best project in 2019! ► ROI 118% ►Unlimited reinvest! and ►Unlimited referralsRelease date 14.06.2019! 
PTCshare comes from the creators of PaidVerts (MyTrafficValue - online since 2012), one of the biggest and longest running PTCs and revenue shares in the industry! CEO of this program is successful entrepreneur who together with his team successfully run 6 other projects: MyTrafficValue; PaidVerts; BarterMyFunds; PlayPerfectMoneyGames; PlayBitcoinGames; WarclicksCEO is Marc de Koning. Check out more info about him on his FB profile Marc de Konings.
New registered members will receive +100 Bonus Ad Points in their balance as a WelcomeBonus!
Do not miss it - this one will last for years! BTC, LTC, PM, STP, PAYEER.
PS. For those of you experiencing issues receiving the confirmation email, please check your spambox.
BAPs package is 1$ ► ROI 118% ► at the moment Daily Cap is 4%, on weekends is lower around 1%. Daily cap depends on how much this platform sell advertising space in previous day. Concluding that daily cap could be higher and lower. This project is young so I am quite optimistic.
*If you are a FREE member who wants to build its account from scratch that is fine and yes it is possible if you want to invest a lots of time.
*If you do not have time like an hour, two or three to spend at your computer maybe more.
I highly recommend to purchase Ad filter, in which you can block all low valued ads like 0.0001 or 0.0005 there is like thousands of them daily. I have adjusted my filter on 0.005$ (half a cent) so I do not have to click all day.
This filter costs 10$ one time payment and you can change settings as many time you want to. Find out what suits you the best.
To see Payment Proofs go to Page EARNERS. This page shows all members cashouts made in the last 31 days.
How it works:
1 BAP costs =0.0005$; minimum package is 1$ and 1 divided with 0.0005 is 2000BAPs.
But when you are purchase a package of 1$ you get 18% more so 2000 multiplied with 1.18 is 2360.
Every time you get paid (cash) ads to click your BAPs are deducted from your balance, so if you do not click them all you are loosing your BAPs.
So, where profits come from. when BAPs are deducted from your balance, they are deducted by price of 0.0005, but when you are purchasing them by price around 0.00042$. So you get more BAPs, more paid ads and more profits. More BAPs you have the higher valued ads you will get!
*How To Register In PtcShare Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Z7FHnCsV8
*How To Collect Free BAPS In PtcShare Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sYtbXXxMvI
*How To Deposit funds In PtcShare Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3b9wvhv2uE
*How To Buy Bulk Ads In PtcShare Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJAc1wVAge8
*How To Collect Paid Ads In PtcShare Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeOgkKN-o7M
Paidverts - JOIN HERE: https://www.paidverts.com/ref/tijanas1975 
IMPORTANT!: You should see tijanas1975 as sponsor offered; otherwise you might end up under someone else and in doing so, forfeit the benefits of being my referral.
PaidVerts (Online since 2014!) is a bit different from all other PaidToClick sites out there, as we value members for their activity and commitment by giving you more chances to earn and grow your earnings! Paidverts has two types of accounts now! Advertisers and Earners The difference between them is the Bonus Ad Points program. Advertisers don't get any BAP while Earners do!.
EARNERS: PaidVerts is now paying 3x MORE! You can Advertise and Earn at the same time! TRIPLE Treat! - 3 ways to earn by receiving: 
*Regular daily Ad issues (Click all paid ads and activation ads everyday!), 
*Separate ``APS`` Ad issue depending on APS (achievement points) acquired by various activities like daily logging, task&offers completing, playing games etc and 
*Referrer Ad issue which depends on number of your active referrals.
Instructions: Here, on Paidverts site, you can Advertise and Earn at the same time!
*Buy $1 Bulk Ads and you will get 2400 BAPS or $1.2 worth of ads (2000 BAP is equivalent to $1 worth of paid ads  <=> 1 BAP is worth $0.0005. So, $1 / $0.0005 = 2000 BAP). Every day you will get free 8x15=120 Bonus Ad Points. Higher BAP GROUP you are, higher ads you will get! You will receive first paid ads when you have 100 Bonus Ad Points. Click all paid ads and activation ads everyday!
*You can earn extra if you perform daily activities such as: logging in daily, doing tasks/offerwalls, playing games with your BAPs to turn a few into a lot, referring people etc...
All these activities will in time, reward you with BAP or APS which will then in return give you additional Ad issues or more free BAP daily.
*You can also Upgrade your account (Cost: $0.05) to gain priority receiving recycled ads. Every single ad that recycles will be issued to an active, upgrade user with available BAPs; until they've all received $1+ worth of recycled ads. Expires after delivering at least 2000+ bonus ad points worth of recycled ads. Expected Quantity of Ads: 1-200
*BAP Groups & BAP Points: G0(100 to 1599); G1(1600 to 12k); G2(12000 to 24k); G3(24k to 48k); G4(48k to 96k); G5(96k to 180k); G6(180k to 360k); G7(360k to 720k); G8(720k to 1.5m); G9(1.5m to 3m); G10(3m to 6m); G11(6m to 20m); G12(20m+); G15(50m+); G16(100m) and G17(500m+)
*Daily Ad Issue you can see on Paidverts ForumPayment processors: Perfect Money, STP, Payza, Neteller, OKPay, LTC, BTC.
ADVERTISERS: If you are an advertiser, app developer, service provider or agency looking to reach the right customers and maximize ROI - Create CAMPAIGN and start advertising!:

MyTrafficValue: Since Paidverts is owned by MyTrafficValue crowdfunding platform (Online since 2012), you can use the same LOGIN DATA for both sites! You  can login on MTV site with your Paidverts account details and enjoy the benefits of many lucrative products offered, Buy/Sell company shares daily and Profit or play Addictive games and Earn money! Buy/Sell Royalty Positions to earn weekly cash dividends: You can buy and sell Royalty Positions. If there are no Royalty Positions available for sale, or you think the sale price is too high, you can place a 'bid' where you state how many Royalty Positions you want to purchase, and what price you're willing to pay. We will then hold your funds in escrow until a seller accepts your bid, or you cancel it.


VKTarget-JOIN HERE: http://vktarget.ru/?ref=5399974  

Russian Long-term site(Since 2013); No investment, No conditions! Connect your social profiles. networks (Vkontakte , Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter) for the appearance of new available tasks; Join groups, put likes, tell friends and earn!

•Simple for the task; •Immediate performance check.

•Withdrawal of money within 2 working days; Min payment is 15rub(0.22$); Paypal, AdvCash, Payeer, Yandex…

•Referal program: 15% of the earned money attracted by you performers, as well as 15% of the money spent by the advertisers you attracted.
An advertising platform that will provide targeted transitions at reasonable prices to advertisers and a stable income for users. There are two types of users in the service: One account can be both an advertiser and a performer for convenience. In the system, everything functions in an automatic mode, both payment for advertising and withdrawal of earned funds.
Start earning money by viewing advertising sites, perform tasks, read letters, watch video clips.
High payment for viewing ads, 15% referral program,
Automatic payments: PayEer, Megakassa, Yandex, WebMoney
InfinityTrafficBoost(ITB) - JOIN HERE: https://infinitytrafficboost.com/tijanas75  
Worlds First Instant Bitcoin Traffic Exchange! Earn Instant Bitcoin Referral Commissions of 30% - 80%! Get Paid Bitcoin to Surf - Daily Rewards! 600-800 Satoshi per 30 min.  Surf. Free Traffic Exchange with over 75 000 Members. Effective exposure with various Advertising options, up to 30-80% commissions on traffic package sales and Surfers Reward Pool Revenue Sharing! Awesome program! Start for FREE and use as Traffic Exchange to EARN Free OR buy TPO advertising packs (price starts as low as 2$) and boost exposure & earnings! Owners: Clinton Clark & Frank Bauer.
EasyHits4U!-REGISTER HERE: http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=tijanas75
Online Since 2003 , Easyhits4u is online!!! Popular traffic exchange program with over 1,136,693 members. This site is a 1:1 traffic exchange system. It helps members to promote their sites and affiliate/referral links from other programs. For each site you visit using their system you’ll receive one visitor back to your own website or referral link. Also you can use free Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator.
Neobux-REGISTER HERE: https://www.neobux.com/?r=tijanas14O2975
GREAT PTC Site! Paying Since March 2008!!! You may refer as many people as you want. All payments will be made via Skrill and NETELLER.

MagneticExchange►Register here: https://magneticexchange.com/?p=110690
Magnetic Exchange fees are from 0% to 20% (depending on the processor you use for exange)
How long does the exchange usually take?
-The transactions involving Perfect Money, Neteller, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Advanced Cash, BTC-e, EXMO, OkPay, Paxum, and Payza are fulfilled in automatic mode, i.e. instantly.
-Transfers from Yandex Money to the accounts that have not been specified in any of your orders with us, are processed with a 48 hours’ delay. Further transfers to the same accounts are processed instantly.
-Payza withdrawal transactions require the approval of the Payza security service. The whole process may take from several minutes to one week.
-Orders that involve Solid Trust Pay can only be submitted by the verified Solid Trust Pay users of at least Standard Verified level. Such orders are processed with the approval of STP security service and may take from 30 minutes to 10 days.
Daily limits for the transactions for Verified users are $20000
Magnetic Exchange offers affiliate program. The percentage of your reward depends on the number of the users that first came to the website through your affiliate link and then made an exchange transaction.
Barter My Funds - JOIN HERE: https://www.bartermyfunds.com/K3Ym4gsq604C
BMF was created by a crowd-funding website called MyTrafficValueExchanger with the lowest exchange fees you will ever see!!
Over 500 000 members Trust, Use and Love BMF!
Start Exchanging Now - PM, BTC, LTC. Doge, OKPay, AdvCash!!!
Low exchange fees, Reliable and quick transactions,
Loyalty discount bonuses and an Attractive  3-level affiliate program!
New option - Widgets for implementation on your Site or Blog for direct transactions!
Payment Processors
Advanced CashRegister here: http://wallet.advcash.com/referral/ea0adaac-3419-433b-afdf-f2bc72eecd23
►E-wallet & processor, fast and affordable solution to easily deposit / send / withdraw money world wide. You can use popular e-currencies like Perfect Money, Payeer or Bitcoin to withdraw money direcly on ATM machine! The best and the cheapest processor I have ever seen, even have a referral program, do not miss this!
Your ultimate e-currency: e-wallet, plastic/virtual MCs, funding via SWIFT, Bitcoin, etc, withdrawals to any Visa/MC in the world, e-business solutions. Register today and discover all other Advanced Cash features.


ADVICE: Always invest what you can afford to lose!!!
(Just in case if anything goes upside down.)